me trying to pet a chicken .

When you can’t control the cock..

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I liked the way you gripped my arms when we laid together. I liked the way you caressed my cheek when I was sad. I liked the way your lips felt when they moved with mine. I liked the way your smell lingered after you left the room. I liked the way your hands shook when you were worried about me. I…

This wrecks me. 😭






This made my day

There goes any respect I had for Gaga.

Oh fuck off Gaga… 

Kay wait, This fucking ugly ass bitch is going to bitch and complain that in high school she got made fun of and called “Ugly, freak, etc” And that it is so bad to do and she would never do that to someone? HOLD THE FUCK UP YOU JUDGMENTAL WHORE! I USED TO LIKE YOU BUT I’M A “BIG” ASS ADELE FAN SO YOU CAN SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! she isn’t fat dumb bitch, there’s a thing called having a baby and it’s kind of hard to loose the baby weight. Sorry, you wouldn’t know that because YOU’RE THE ONE WITH A PENIS!

Gaga’s gonna need some ice for that burn!

Can’t believe this is still going around, its fake…. People are too gullible these days.

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‘The Eevee-lutions’ by @itsbirdy on instagram.

Prints available on Society6

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